All-time Top Play-to-Earn Games Worldwide

The world of Game-Fi is experiencing a new trend, which involves a new class of games known as play-to-earn games. These non-fungible tokens (NFT) games allow players to experience gaming at a whole new level through blockchain technology. At the same time, the introduction of these NFTs into the new gaming environment has aroused the interest of many people and stirred new interests.

Who would not be interested in playing games to earn real value in the form of cryptocurrencies? This opportunity also provides passive income for game lovers. Among the hundreds of NFT games out there, how do you identify which one has the most significant rewards? We have created a list of the all-time top play to earn games in the industry worldwide. 

Axie Infinity

There is no doubt that the Axie Infinity game will top any list of good NFT games based on the play-to-earn model. It is not only the most popular but, as expected, is the most rewarding game to play. In this game, a player has the task of building a kingdom inside a mythical virtual place known as Lunacia. Each player needs a team of three extraordinary creatures known as axies to start battling with other axie creatures

At the same time, he begins to breed these axies to give birth to another generation of axies. When a player contends with another player and wins, he gets considerable rewards in Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Other activities within the game include daily quests, player-to-game, and player-to-player battles. The player also unlocks new levels in the game as all these activities go on, and the player wins. 

The users can buy different NFT games that lead to the gameplay by earning SLPs and AXS. Both NFTs are tradeable in the Axie Infinity central marketplace for other cryptocurrencies or real-world currency.


Another impressive game with a high engagement rate is the Cryptoblades, based on blockchain technology. The game belongs to the RPG genre, where the players can earn SKILL tokens from the successful completion of the tasks at hand. How? A player gets a reward each time he wins an in-game battle and defeats the enemy in the game. At the same time, each player can freely build their weapons and sell them in the game’s marketplace as unique NFTs.

However, a player will have to buy a character from the same marketplace at the start of the game. At the same time, players are required to pay a small fee (BNB) for the commerce of the game. Then, they will be able to take on battles, and when they win, they get more rewards. The reward for winning battles is in the form of unique tokens known as SKILL.

All-time Top Play-to-Earn Games Worldwide

Plant vs. Undead

Another popular P2E model game is called the Plant vs. Undead, which is based on the defense of an impressive tower. The users are required to purchase SEEDS as the tokens for gameplay. At the beginning of the game, each player will buy the SEEDS from the marketplace, paying with PVU tokens. When they accrue the reward tokens, they can now begin to exchange them for other cryptocurrencies with the PVU tokens listed in the right domain.

Farmers World

The Farmers world is a spectacular play-to-earn game with the right note of attention on all the embedded tools. The game encompasses the simulation of the adventure of planting and harvesting crops at maturity. Moreover, it comes with the activities of users who can raise crops in their apportioned land using the various tools available to them. In addition, the players involved with this game must first start with one tool before they can even initiate the game. Afterward, they can earn more in-game assets or purchase whatever else they need from the game marketplace. 

Forest Knight

The Forest Knight them is a game involving a unique character in the form of knights and battle giants. These knights battle against the evil forces in the game set to win. They pick their peculiar knight with the proper powers and abilities that they desire. At the same time, they must go for the knight that has what it takes to conquer in battles. 

In addition, the players in the Forest Knight also get daily rewards each time they log into the game. Apart from the daily rewards, they also get free to earn NFTs through the game place. Meanwhile, the game can host the marketplace where all the available items for the game are up for the purchase with ease while using the crypto rewards

All-time Top Play-to-Earn Games Worldwide


Silk is a beautiful play-to-earn game with an impressive layout, design, and features. It is based on a horse-breeding adventure where each player builds the right traits in horses. The players carry out some of the best RPG simulations while breeding their unique breeds of horses and get huge rewards. Meanwhile, the game is set in a metaverse environment where the users can engage in horse races with different rewards for completing each task. At the same time, the rewards are in the form of a $STT token. 

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is another fantastic choice among NFT games that is very prominent among the play-to-earn games. As the players start the game, they also welcome up to 140 cards, and if it can’t work on the blockchain, it will rather not be sold. In Gods Unchained, the players continue to move from one level to another as they play more and unlock the packs, thereby earning Common Core cards. 

At the same time, this game currency is not minted on the blockchain. Meanwhile, they also stand a good chance of winning ranked matches and earning a Flux. In comparison, the flux is a tool that can be used in the Gods Unchained Forge game that can merge the duplicate Common Core cards. This gaming process allows the player to create total cards on the Ethereum network and then trade the values in the marketplace. 

The Sandbox

The Sandbox has a 3D metaverse template environment for the NFT game allowing players to monetize their assets. Moreover, the in-house gaming assets can also become valuable while allowing the players to retain their rights. Also, the elements are created within the game and allow the users to control their surroundings. In addition, these players can decide to own and develop their virtual lands. Afterward, they can begin to build and craft new creative assets. Sandbox is built on Ethereum and uses the cryptocurrency known as SAND and is traceable on multiple levels of crypto exchanges.